Island of Stronsay


Offers over £210,000 for a 3 bedroom farmhouse with 5 large outbuildings set in 9 acre of ground on the island of Stronsay.  The island is served by a daily RoRo ferry and has a junior/high school, 2 shops and a pub. The house has a view over a loch and is very private.

This is a private sale freehold. At present there are 50 ewes on the ground with a small rental income from other farmers. The island has internet access. The local hotel is called Stronsay Hotel. Tel 01857 616213 email The hotel has wireless for the guests.

Stronsay is an island in Orkney, off the north coast of Scotland. It is 3,275 hectares (13 sq mi) in size, and 44 metres (144 ft) at its highest point and has a usually resident population of 349. The main village is Whitehall, home to a heritage centre.

Sights on the island include the Vat of Kirbister, a natural arch described as the “finest in Orkney”[1] and various seabirds amongst which are Arctic terns.

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Tel 07801 447907 or 01857 616264.



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