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Help Installing Windows 10 and Improving your Desktop

Installing Windows 10 for the first time on a new Drive is easy as the drives are formatted as NTFS. If you have other operating systems on the drive and there is no NTFS partition available then you will need to partition your drive with Gparted you can make a DVD by downloading Gparted Click Me and then booting from the Gparted disk and making a NTFS partition.

You install by booting from a DVD os USB with Windows 10 on. Booting is the action when you first switch on with the media in provided your system bios is set up to boot from the media. This should be set to boot from a USB first and a DVD second before any hard drive boot. If this is not correct then you will need to change your boot order in the bios. You can get to the bios usually with the information on the first Flash screen at switch on. It usually suggests repeatedly clicking on switch on with a key either, Esc, F2, F8, F10, F12 if you cannot find this then ask your manufacturer.

When you boot with the Windows disc the instructions will appear on screen. It will ask you to accept the Micrsoft installation License. The onorus terms in volumes of documents means you accept that you do not own it and all your data now is the property of Microsoft and they are at liberty to do anything they want with it. After selecting the disc partition to install it on, it will ask you which version you want to install Home to Professional. It is best not to be connected to the internet as Windows 10 is very intrusive otherwise and even then installing it is best to choose the minimun of intrusion ads. When it asks for an activation key skip this you can do it later. It will take about an hour and a half to install with frequent questions. Unlike Windows 12 Lite which takes 15 minutes and you can jsut leave that to get on with the job.

You can follow a video of installing Windows 10 on Youtube at Click Me

Once installed you can begin to set your Windows 10 Desktop up.

1. Download using the Microsoft Edge Browser that is provided either Firefox Click Me or Vivaldi (safer browser) Click Me or The Tor Browser (the "Defend Yourself" browser it can browse the dark web as well) Click Me Then set any as the default browser and ignore the squeals of Microsoft Edge saying how better and faster it is. It is not and is the worst browser you can get

2. Download Thunderbird Mail and use it for your mail. It has a Calendar extension called Lightning so add that will remind you of events. Download Click Me

3. Download LibreOffice 7.0 far better than Microsoft Office does everything that does and far better. It is continuously being updated and gives you daily tips that are really useful. Download Click Me

4. Download Gimp for image processing this is really the best you can get far better than Photoshop which files it handles as well as practically any format of images. It has an interactive help when you are using it. You can download the huge manual as well. Download Click Me
A quick YouTube tutorial can be seen here. Click Me

5. Activate your Windows then you can set your backgrounds that you may want to change. Go to the Activate folder on your USB or DVD where you will find instructions.

Why I stopped using Windows 10 | 8 Major Reasons see this YouTube video Click Me

Windows 10 often wants to update when you switch on sometimes up to a half hour. If you are fed up with Windows 10 you can install Windows 12 Lite alongside as a dual boot. You can then copy all your files over and run them from Windows 12 Lite. Windows 12 Lite the fast and best operating system available today. No waiting for updates when you switch on and you can switch off without waiting for updates. You can still work when you are updating. You own it, no activation key and install on as many laptops as you want. No virus or ransom-ware it is immune. It is fast boots in 15 seconds. Installed with 100 programs and you can add over 80,000 programs for free in the software manager. Most of the programs are far superior to those for Windows. Designed as a replacement for Windows 7. You can edit and run your Windows programs from the Windows 12 desktop when you dual boot with Windows. On switch on it remembers the system you used last and will start up within 5 seconds unless you change to another system.

Available in 64 Bit and 32 Bit on DVD or USB Flash. This is not Microsoft with all it’s problems. You will work faster and better with this great operating system. You can download it for free here Click Me or obtain a DVD or USB Flash from Click Me

You may also want to download for free the MakuluFlash operating system Click Me shown in the Windows 10 installation video earlier. Maybe the best operating system you can get with 3D and wobbly windows. You should install this as a dual boot with Windows 10 first before Windows 12 Lite if you want all the three operating systems on your disc. The reason is the last grub screen (the start up screen when you switch on) has a wallpaper of each of the operating systems and the last operating system will start first unless you choose another within 5 seconds.