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Windows 12 Lite
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It is made by Lite and with installation and setup by Webhouses has updated it to be the fastest operating system and works on older machines as well as new.

This is a far superior operating system and it we see it as the best operating system available today.

It is virtualy immune from virus or ransomware because it is Linux protected by the world community. Google says there have been no attacks on Linux for two years. It will allow you to upgrading when you actually work.

It does not need a license agreement, nor need an activation code.

It is very fast booting up in 15 seconds generally On a desktop with AMD A8-5600K APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics and a SSD for example. It requires only 1.1 GB of space.

It consumes less than other operating systems which the eco-warriors should love so it makes your pc run very happily and saves you money on your electric bills and wear and tear on your laptop/desktop.

You can install it on as many machines you want. WinZoom 12 Lite has a full suite of the latest top of the range programs. You can add many more from the 80,000+ free programs in the Package Software Manager on your desktop.

The desktop is simple to use with many more features and tweaks for style and speed that you never had with the cluttered Windows 10 desktop and it does not take three months to learn like Windows. Included in the installation guide a 5 minute tuition for the desktop to show the extra features and get you up to speed.

You can dual boot with your other operating systems and your system will remember which system you used last time and will boot up the same unless you move and select another operating system within 3 seconds.

Dual booting allow you to edit and copy your files from your old operating system your Lite desktop and run them calling the appropriate application to do the editing. Office.doc files are run in Libreoffice and then can be saved in more than 29 different formats. Photoshop PSD files are run in Gimp the photo imaging file that is far easier and superior than Photoshop and then exported in many different file types the favourite being .png which is the best for detail.

Daily updates of many of the applications which are flagged and you can upgrade when you want to. During the updates you can still keep working unlike Microsoft.

Lite has an active help forum that can answer your questions within minutes if it has no been asked before. If it has you can find the answers out right away on this active dedicated and helpful forum.

Now you can have your + Lite DVD or USB, 64 Bit or 32 Bit versions are in the software department of Lite

32 Bit versions work on every laptop/desktop usual for older machines. Recent machines within the last 7 years use 64 Bit which is faster.

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