Tails Secure Desktop with Tor Web Browser & Linux Mint 19.1 64Bt
[Tails and Mint 64 Bit]


Really great disk with three operating systems on. I have used Gparted for partitioning and erasing my usb's. used Tail to explore the dark web. It does not install but I save my files to a separate USB or sometimes to Linux or Windows as I have now installed Linux alongside my Windows. I found the Tessa so good I have installed it and use it all the time now and have no need to really slow Windows.

Installed the Linux for my games as it was recommended to me. I run my games now at least twice as fast as I did on Windows. It really is great and the search for files is also extremely fast and easy to use using the File manager. I like the fact you can choose ikons or text much better than Windows explorer.

I find the desktop much better than windows and easier to understand. I followed the help sheet on setting up the desktop and installed the Playfor Linux this is really great. It has all the Windows Prgrams I used to use and many more like Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Office, C++ compiler
and many games that I have never seen before that run really fast.

I am really pleased I can switch off and on without it spending ages in upgrading. I wish I had had this operating system a long time ago as it clearly is far better than Windows and especially like never having to pay for Virus protection and more and have 30,000 plus free programs I am playing now with the Video editors and doing my old Quicken accounts on the free GnuCash so I will no longer be paying £70 every six months.
Date Added: 02/06/2019 by Bill S.


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